Khalid proves perfection is overrated on a previously unreleased song, “Perfect.”

Khalid is building quite the “Rookie of The Year” resume for himself.

The El Paso singer rode the wave of his breakout single “Location,” into a vulnerable, solid debut project, ‘American Teen.’ ‘Teen’s’ second single, “Young Dumb Broke,” is picking up where “Location” left off on mainstream radio. Oh, and Khalid can even add MTV Video Music Awards Best New Artist to his ever-growing list of accolades. All this even before ‘American Teen’ gets the Grammy nominations that are likely on their way next year.

Though he’s come far, Khalid hasn’t forgotten his humble beginnings on Soundcloud before the sign. And so, on Wednesday night, he took to Twitter to share the “rough draft” of a previously unreleased song, entitled “Perfect.”

Khalid described the track as simply “a song from the soul,” and it’s easy to understand why. The flourishes and polish that comes with mixing and mastering aren’t on “Perfect.” Rather, the track functions solely on Khalid’s raw vocals and the steady strumming of an acoustic guitar.

There’s an irony of sorts in “Perfect.” Yes, Khalid’s voice as he muses over his internal battle with self is masterful. “There’s something stopping me, from becoming a better person,” Khalid croons. “I could try to pace myself, but I don’t think that it’s worth it.” Whether it’s the self-doubt or recollections of other people’s perceptions (including your parents), Khalid gives voice to the kind of thoughts we’ve all confronted or dealt with. And in the process, the singer proves he doesn’t HAVE to be perfect, to produce an amazing work of art.

Hear Khalid’s rough draft of “Perfect” for yourself down below.