O.N.E., the self-anointed Houston “FlowGod,” drops his long-awaited “Yeah Yeah” single.

Timing is everything. Houston emcee O.N.E., for example, threw his entire weight behind pushing his upcoming single, “Yeah Yeah,” as early as the start of July. The #LIKEMINDS ambassador had the marketing down to a science: the single’s artwork landed on Instagram first, followed by snippets of the single, the insistence on making “#YEAHYEAH” trend across social media, and an expected release date in August. O.N.E. built up the hype even more by piggybacking off of Doughbeezy’s “H-Town Rap Battle” video flow and dropping freestyles of his own from the driver’s seat of his car.

Then, Hurricane Harvey happened. Like many other artists in the city of Houston, Odot opted to put the people first and the music second. “Yeah Yeah” got pushed back, so he could join the give back efforts and not distract from the moment.

Timing is everything. And “Yeah Yeah’s” official release to the world at large yesterday, seemed to arrive at the perfect time.

“N*ggas want me gone, but I’m still here!” O.N.E. crows on “Yeah Yeah,” a anthemic cut that showcases the rapper’s many talents over the course of four minutes. In one breath, Odot sings his verses in a melodic flow. In the next, the beat falls back so O.N.E. can rap purely and his punchlines can’t be missed. It’s maybe the cockiest Odot has ever been, like when he promises that he’s “always one deep, so I stand out.”

But timing is everything. And “Yeah Yeah” is O.N.E. insisting that HIS time, is right now.

Stream O.N.E.’s “Yeah Yeah” single for yourself down below, and grab it now off iTunes.

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