the punisher netflix

Frank Castle is the anti-hero’s anti-hero in the first full trailer for his own stand-alone Netflix series.

Fans got a brief glimpse of what Frank Castle could do all by his lonesome at the end of Marvel’s The Defenders back in August. Now Netflix has let loose the full trailer for their upcoming adaption of The Punisher and it is as bloody and violent as the man himself.

The story centers around the base origin narrative any Punisher fan will know and love. Instead of it being mobsters that killed Frank’s family, it’s a shadowy government agency. It’s up to intrepid reporter Karen Page, government agent Micro and Castle to take them down, full ’80s action film style. Soundtracked to 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite” and a little Metallica, The Punisher rips through gun battles, explosions and magazine clips at a rather frantic pace. As with any revenge tale, Frank is going to have to avoid non-corrupt law enforcement as well as the bad guys as he seeks out justice, his way.

If you recall, Daredevil‘s solid second season had Castle as more of a trained sniper type, willing to pick his fights and battles from a distance. Apparently government agencies who want you dead for your past make you switch up your tactics a little. We’ll see how everything plays out when The Punisher arrives on Netflix later this year.