GoldLink and EarthGang showed out at the Houston stop of the At What Cost tour.

Last Thursday night, GoldLink and EarthGang made the Studio room inside Warehouse life their own earthy sanctuary. Drenched in various hues of purple and blue, the concert looked a lot different than any other Waehouse Live show, particularly in that room. It suited the performers to a tee. If you know EarthGang, you know that the Atlanta duo is keen on creating their own world and universe. On stage, Doctur Doc and Johnny Venus occasionally don bunny ears, proclaim that they’re off that “Trump shit” and can get as rowdy as laid back, lyric driven artists potentially be.

If you know GoldLink, you know that the world currently orbits around “Crew,” his March super single with Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiyaz. You fear that more people know of GoldLink due to “Crew” but not his actual music. Houston did more than enough to prove that sentiment wrong last week. “Dark Skin Woman” and “Medidtation” got the sing-a-long treatment, same with the walk out music of “Dance On Me.” But people came for “Crew” and GoldLink knew it. So much so that he performed it twice, caked in a sweat with the strong sentiment of “it’s hot than a motherfucker” written all over his face.

Catch more photos of the night via our photographer David Wright below.