big moe 4 ever

Big Moe, the “glue” of the Screwed Up Click gets his due in a lengthy documentary.

“This music is real serious, it don’t happen over night either,” explains Big Moe in the middle of Big Moe 4 Ever, a documentary focused on the life and times of the Screwed Up Click member. “The city of Houston, H-Town, that’s where I’m from. If you can’t please your city, you can’t please nobody.” Beginning with family members recalling his initial passion for singing, the documentary follows Moe’s rise and the connectivity of Third Ward at the time. Big Pokey lived around the corner, Beyonce lived two blocks over and so on. It jumps a bit to him joining the Screwed Up Click and appearing on more Screw tapes than anybody. Mike D exclaims about the relationship between Moe and Screw, “You didn’t have a tape unless you had Big Moe, basically. People always say Fat Pat, Keke but they forget about Moe. Do your research on how many tapes Moe got. It’s more than anybody.”

Other members of the Screwed Up Click such as ESG, Lil Keke, Big Pokey and Z-Ro recant stories about the Barre Baby along with Tyte Eyez, Noke D and others from Wreckshop Records. Undergravity, Paul Wall, DJ XO, GT Garza, Propain and others speak on his influence. “Moe is an icon man,” Dirty Dolla says. “In my mind, there’s a difference between a legend and an icon. And Moe is an icon.”

Watch the full documentary below.