Snoh Aalegra is back with more “Feels.” Hear her latest single, “Fool For You.”

“I love you time and time again/ I know just how this story ends…”

A whole summer passed and it didn’t Snoh. Not literally “snow,” but in the sense that no new music arrived from Snoh Aalegra. The Artium Records songbird responsible for the most underappreciated release of 2016, last provided fans with new music back in February, with her “Nothing Burns Like the Cold” cut.

On Saturday night, however, Aalegra took to social media to share the snippets of an impending song, with the promise to release it on Sunday. And once football had ended, the singer made good on her word. On Sunday evening, Snoh Aalegra shared her brand-new track, “Fool For You.”

Producer J. Valle opens up “Fool For You” with a few lonely strums from an acoustic guitar before giving way to soft, bouncy percussion. It’s a light, lush foundation that fits perfectly with Aalegra’s light, almost breathy voice. Sometimes you meet someone who you fall for instantly… because something about them feels familiar. “I swear I’ve met you, but you’re a stranger,” Snoh croons. It’s the kind of fateful romantic encounter that rarely happens – but when it does, you know the hold that person has on you. Like the singer’s previous releases, something about “Fool For You” sounds like it could be on somebody’s soundtrack. The hope, is that it really ends up on Snoh’s long-anticipated debut album.

For now, hear Snoh Aalegra’s “Fool For You” for yourself down below, and grab the single now off iTunes.