On “Blessed,” Jay-Von recalls how Hurricane Harvey was bad for Houston, but how it brought out the best in people too.

Even though Hurricane Harvey has done its damage and – thankfully – moved on from Houston, the city is still reeling from the effects of the storm. Just drive around certain neighborhoods in the H, and you’ll still see carpet, wallpaper, furniture and more laid out on front yards to be picked up with the heavy trash. Drives have been held, funds have been raised, but there’s much more recovery work to be done.

Many of us know someone who was personally affected by Harvey, and Jay-Von is no exception. In fact, the Mo. City opted to put his combined feelings of frustration and reflection on wax on a new track entitled “Blessed.”

The song was performed live at Houston Creatives Care’s ‘#WeAreHouston’ Harvey Relief Concert two weekends, but wasn’t officially released to the public as a single until last week.

Vonzilla dedicated to the song to everyone hit by Hurricane Harvey, but especially to a close friend of his, Tavoiras Mac. “He’s a barber from the Northside who lost almost everything,” Jay-Von told Day & A Dream via email. “The single artwork is actually of his two children, who Tavoiras rescued when his SUV flooded.”

Samuel Rich is on the beat, employing a gospel sample that sounds triumphant now that everything is over. Jay-Von’s usual rapid-fire, punchline heavy flow is slowed down on “Blessed,” to ensure that every word is heard and every story reaches the listener. For two minutes and forty seconds, Jay-Von takes us all back to the powerlessness some of us felt in that moment (“watching the news as my eyes filled up”) and how his friend’s unselfish nature was a reflection of how the city at large seemed to come together (“that you would sacrifice your life, to try to serve another”).

It got ugly, but we’re still here – that’s the message behind “Blessed.” As Jay-Von puts it, “We out here in these streets, we just tryna be strong.” Stream the track for yourself down below.