‘Summer Madness,’ LE$’s second collaboration with DJ Mr. Rogers this summer, has finally arrived.

When life happens, you roll with the punches. For LE$, dropping two projects in a single summer was always in the cards. The Houston emcee’s method was obvious: those who missed the boat for whatever reason when ‘Midnight Club‘ touched down in May, couldn’t possibly overlook his ‘Summer Madness’ EP with the season coming to an end.

Then Hurricane Harvey happened. And as Houston adjusted and became focused instead on recovering and rebuilding, LE$ set business aside to take care of home. Initially set to drop in August, LE$ moved ‘Summer Madness’s’ release date up to September. “We’re focused on helping our neighbors and helping the city as best we can,” the rapper had assured his fans on Instagram.

Now that the storm is over, ‘Summer Madness’ officially touched down online Thursday night. In a sense, ‘Summer Madness’s’ timing couldn’t be more perfect: summer isn’t over yet in Texas and the state is in need of distractions, good distractions, after Harvey’s destruction.

“I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’ – I’m just caught up in the vibe…”

Produced by DJ Mr. Rogers (who absolutely outdoes himself, by the way, on “Duckin”) and propelled forward by lead single “Doors Off,” the EP packs plenty of heat within its ten tracks. The bubbly, Parliament Funkadelic-esque groove of “Fresh Cut” is an obvious early standout, and “Unplugged” will be nice to revisit for the summer feels even when autumn and winter start setting in. From start to finish – especially when the finish is as laid-back and roll-up worthy as outro cut “Take Off” – ‘Summer Madness’ is smooth enough to relax with… yet fun enough to cruise down the beach side to, as well.

Stream Le$’s ‘Summer Madness’ EP for yourself down below, and grab it now off iTunes.