wolfe de mchls lindsay lohan

SoundCloud Wolfe aka Wolfe De Mchls returns with the haunting, airy “Lindsay Lohan.”

Wolfe De Mchls is a favorite around these parts purely for his way to capture emotion. High marks, low marks, it doesn’t matter. Wolfe can manipulate your idea of excitement as well as give color to your grayest of days. “Lindsay Lohan” is no different. On the ambient, late night type of single, Wolfe de Mchls sings about being so lost in his thoughts and in his mind.

“Cutting off the people I don’t like,” he states as if he’s writing a manifesto. What “Lindsay Lohan” represents the moment you dive deeper into it? Wolfe is wiping the slate clean. The board is going to be as pale as Lindsay and Miley. Thanks to the hypnotic VZN produced cut, Wolfe can no longer be pulled in multiple directions. The Houston musician wants clarity, now more than ever.

Stream “Lindsay Lohan” from Wolfe de Mchls below.