Rocky Banks’ “Favor” arrived in February along with his Trust In Banko album. Immediately, people anointed “Favor” as the best song on the album, their personal favorite as it mixed the tried and true glide of salvation with triumph. The church theme of the single carries over into the video. Premiered by Dirty Glove Bastard, Rocky takes every piece that made “Favor” such a fun record and tosses it into a gumbo.

Bee Honey holds her infant son while in the choir, Big Brandon Willis plays the trumpet. Tony Amaru is at the pulpit and Rocky is checking off his sins one by one. In the scene preluding his eventual sitdown in church, Banks has his “Let me out, Dough” moment. Pass back the gun, find another path. “Thank God I got favor,” the chorus rings.

Rocky agrees. “I’m trying to tell you I’m heaven sent / Yes I’m as high as I’ve ever been,” he raps while bouncing off the walls with joy. Everyone’s happy for him and so should you. Watch the “Favor” video from Rocky Banks up top and grab Trust In Banko from the Mo City rapper now.