kyle hubbard

Kyle Hubbard notes All Good Things Come. He’s also going full Terrence Malick for “Point Of Life.”

Kyle Hubbard’s day-to-day is about as low stakes as possible. He wants to grocery shop with his lady. He wants you to “too sweet” him whenever you see him walking by because that puts you and he on a level playing field. He doesn’t care for syrup or alcohol though a cigarette is his biggest vice. In fact, Kyle Hubbard is the type of self-analyzing semi-grouch who knows he needs the gym but doesn’t feel like it.

Kyle Hubbard is you. He is also me. He also has a brand new album arriving next Monday with all of the proceeds going to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Hurricane Harvey relief fund. Here’s an easy cheat: All Good Things Come is a fleshed out, Kyle Hubbard blues rap album. Which, is Hubbard’s speciality beyond being a rap presence that is 100% intricate and patient on wax. “Point Of Life” features a triumphant bass line and simple drum programming vastly similar to J-Dawg’s “Ride On 4s.” Djay Cas doubles up Hubbard’s vocals for added effect and Kyle sounds as relaxed as ever. There’s a confidence in living the simple life. Especially when you live outside the expectations of people who don’t even know you.

Hear “Point Of Life” from KH below. You should make plans for Saturday to check out his album release show at The Secret Group. Doors open at 8 p.m. and there’s a $10 cover.

Photo Credit: FreePressHouston