the outfit tx fuel city

The Outfit TX want to remind you that Dallas never left. Hear Fuel City now.

Making music at their University of Houston dorm, The Outfit TX made due. They spoke up to their influences, Dorian’s namely being Kanye West, Kid Cudi and a host of others. Mel and JayHawk, Dallas to the core still soaked in all of the lessons learned up 45 North, they just brought them down to Houston while they partook of college life. The unifier between Dallas and Houston for The Outfit TX beyond home cooked meals and friends? That dorm room and time where they made We Are The Outfit in 2010.

Seven years have passed since that tape and now. The first Outfit tape, lean and optimistic, was etched into stone around the same time as Lex Luger and Waka Flocka Flame’s tour of anarchy that was Flockaveli. Fidgety, tailor made for a Saturday night at Club Dada and swing on the first person who offended you fight music. As time has progressed, so have The Outfit. Their subsequent tapes created entire funked out universes where Dallas, Texas was the center of the universe. Syrupy, syncopated production, unmistakable drawl and day-to-day life, The Outfit rose to the occasion to become one of Dallas’ best trios. They wholly felt Dallas, from thick subwoofers to trying to make music that swallowed up entire city blocks.

From Down By The Trinity to Fuel City, The Outfit TX have made it a secondary mission to make their slow, rumbling parade of chaos feel flick upward a couple notches. Surveying the landscape of Dallas, Mel, Dorian and JayHawk made their love affair for Dallas even more known. Gold grills all up and down New York City fashion shoots? Check. Setting a photoshoot right in front of the famed Rudy’s Chicken? Check. Most importantly, they’ve allowed more of Dallas’ own self-described aliens and outliers set up shop inside their world as well.

Much like last year’s Green Light tape, Fuel City is strictly Dallas and it doesn’t attempt to be anything else. What makes Dallas as a city a rap lover’s dream is that its artists aren’t indoctrinated to history. They just make music. Fuel City is a short burst of energy from a trio of individuals long known to rely on energy to kick shit up and kick a hole in your chest.

Mel’s freewheeling counteracts JayHawk’s lumped up threats that also sound like klaxon squawks. JayHawk’s slamming words together like the Hulk throwing buildings walks right in step with Mel’s stucco flow reminiscent of a classic Ric Flair promo. They wooo, they flash tattoos and shit eating grins and dare you to say something to them. Fuel City lives and breathes Dallas, whether it be Deep Ellum on the weekends or Fuel City, the after hours taco spot for which the tape takes its name. Sprinkle a little Memphis, the forefathers of this particular brand of fight music and add a whole bunch of Texas (see big man C. Struggs pop up for “Goin’ Up”) and you get what Fuel City represents.

It’s all Texas, right from “Phone Line” to “Big Splash” and “Dez Bryant.” In the world created by Fuel City, the galaxy deserves a straight-forward, in your face Southern rap tape where the main issue is whether or not the production will break your speakers. Once upon a time, The Outfit curated a mixtape of all Dallas acts. Now they’re letting Dallas weave its thoughts into their bubble of slushy thick production. FranchiseDidIt latches video game chimes and effects for “Big Splash,” where Mel and JayHawk run a verbal pick and roll over a dark Metroid level. DJ T Walk, who handles 30% of the production kicks up gothic synths and obese 808s for “Told That Bih,” and Lil Mister sits right on the lip of the ozone and borrows every piece of space he can find for “Outta Control.”

The Outfit TX let the world into Dallas a long time ago. With Fuel City, the rest of the citizens want you to find out what’s special about the Triple Digital too.

Fuel City is available now on POW Recordings.