Love drives Damaria to the brink in the video for her “Never Find Another” single.

Last month, Damaria shared “Never Find Another,” a slow-burning cut produced by Stevie B Beatz that told the tale of a woman who was done being taken for granted. Damaria’s heart was scarred in some places and scornful in others, and it showed over the course of the track’s three-and-a-half minute run length.

With the Houston songbird’s ‘Love Overdose’ EP due out later this month, Damaria opted to give “Never Find Another” a set of visuals to match.

Ciara Boniface is behind the lens for “Never Find Another’s” music video, which opts for an unexpectedly dark mood. “Never Find Another” the song is about heartbreak. “Never Find Another,” the video, however? It’s about revenge. From the moment Boniface opens the video by depicting the gorgeous singer exchanging mysterious texts with her “sister” while cozied up in a bubble bath, it’s apparent something has gone left.

While the viewer is left until the very end to figure out what exactly happened, Damaria takes advantage of the time to show how she can pull off a variety of looks, whether it’s around the way girl or bad lady in a little Black dress. And the most observant of viewers will note the singer bumping ‘Love Overdose’ on the way to her man’s house. In a sense, Damaria becomes Brandi Webb, the woman who lost her mind behind a player in A Thin Line Between Love & Hate. The only difference between them? Damaria just might have been a little better at target practice.

Watch the video for Damaria’s “Never Find Another” single for yourself up top. Damaria’s ‘Love Overdose’ EP is coming in late September.

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    […] Clocking in at five tracks deep – technically, six, if you count the two-in-one last song “Thinkin x How I Feel” – ‘Love Overdxse’ allows Damaria to sing about love and the moods it can put us in. Intro cut “Ride” is already smooth on its own, but then the beat changes up at the 4:05 mark and Damaria’s vocals melt over the slowed-down instrumental. From there, it’s right into the hypnotic loop and cautionary tale of lead single “Never Find Another.” […]


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