Goldlink’s brand of D.C. maestro found its first signature hit this Spring. Now he comes to Texas.

It starts off with a timbre, a clique of notes that serve as a precursor to something bigger. By the time the bass drops in, there’s an added twinkle to digest. There’s Maryland crooner Brent Faiyaz who drops in with silky vocals and a memorable chorus. D.C. shit starter Shy Glizzy pounces on the back end with a nasally ode to his hometown of Washington D.C. Then there’s the leader of it all, a 24-year-old future bounce leader named GoldLink who seemingly raps at will about the fairer sex. And does it often.

GoldLink’s “Crew” is the song that’s come to define At What Cost, the D.C. native’s pensive and thought provoking debut album. I wrote about it earlier this year for UPROXX highlighting the things that make At What Cost and in short, GoldLink such a great rapper.

“GoldLink made And After That We Didn’t Talk strictly about meeting women, cherishing them, and navigating relationships; At What Cost keeps that focus but as “Pray Everyday” proves, there’s a worldly view attached as well.”

Next week, GoldLink comes to Houston as someone with a hit on his hands. He’s no longer tied to being a Soulelection maestro or someone who manages to sneak their way onto a playlist of new music you’re hyping your friends up with. He’s beyond it now. More importantly, he’s a recognizable figure with a brand of music that offers angst and throws it into a worldly view. There’s Kaytranada rhythms and D.C.’s go-go influence and the burgeoning sense that the God Complex rapper is going to burst out into a jittery, vibrant spool. “Dance On Me” and “Dark Skinned Women” introduced the world to a brief glimpse of what the D.C. rapper was capable of. Six months later, he has a Biilboard smash and more.

Playing underneath GoldLink is EarthGang, who begun 2015 as one of the more buzzworthy groups in Atlanta to now finding themselves along with fellow Spillage Village member J.I.D. on Dreamville Records.

The EarthGang duo of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot have spent more time than not perfecting their music, a nutty world of space and creation that sound every bit like their home base of Atlanta. “For us, we gotta create this universe, a world,” Doctur Dot told DJBooth earlier this year. “We can’t keep showing people pictures of the universe and tease them coming there one day. We have to give them the ticket.”

That world bleeds into Rags, their Dreamvile debut where songs like “Meditate” with J.I.D., “Red Light,” which finds the two proclaim themselves children of the city and “Legendari.” There is no atmosphere that the duo can’t touch, whether it be jazz driven hip-hop or the muddled, trunk hungry bombast of their fellow Atlanta brethren. The At What Cost tour is build around two acts who found victory after telling the world it would happen – and exceeding expectations.

GoldLink and EarthGang play Warehouse Live on September 14 inside The Studio room, presented by Scoremore. For tickets, purchase here.