Jonquel’s newest single, “See Me (Coming Down),” falls somewhere between sinister soul and self-confident anthem.

Only Jonquel could make taking shots at insincere, unfocused folks sound like an ’80s R&B cut. The Houston singer with the stirring vocals – and owner of arguably the meanest Milly Rock in the city – took to Soundcloud to drop a new song, “See Me (Coming Down),” on Wednesday evening.

The crooner’s second release in as many weeks (he closed out August by sharing “Charter”), “See Me” coasts along over a steady snare, riding bass, and ethereal keys. It’s an extremely smooth instrumental that Jonquel’s voice is right at home over. The two-and-a-half minute track serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, it’s Jonquel as soul sniper (or the R&B equivalent of Chuck Norris in ‘Lone Wolf McQuade,’ according to “See Me’s” single artwork), calling out those who haven’t taken notice and those who are too distracted to see the bigger picture.

On the other, it’s the singer at his most confident maybe ever. He admits that he’s “on a mission.” He gives his heart back to the city he’s from by paying homage to it in the title (“Coming Down”). And the hook is about as straightforward as you can get:“Eyes low, music bangin’ loud – two miles an hour so they see me now.” That’s Jonquel slowing down in his metaphorical whip, the windows rolled down so that both haters and appreciators understand he’s in the zone… and to relay the message that “Donte” is here to stay for a while.

Stream Jonquel’s “See Me (Coming Down)” cut for yourself down below.

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