LeeLonn gives himself a pep talk while inadvertently calling all creatives to a planetary level in his latest track, “Earth I.”

I got mad beef with LeeLonn! He is easily one of my favorite Houston artists, both live and through the speakers of my earbuds, computer, and car. My beef is that I want more music from him than he has been putting out. LeeLonn tends to be somewhat of a dream fueler for others, and while that is an amazing trait, it’s time for him to awaken from his dream and turn it into reality.

In his latest track, “Earth I,” LeeLonn seems to agree with me. The song starts off with a very relatable phrase for any creative, “I’ve been stuck in a lack of motion/I’ve been hopin’ for forward motion/I’m movin’ on…”

The rest of the song goes on to talk about his inner ponderings as he continues to pursue his dreams of becoming the famous singer/songwriter/producer he deserves to be. It’s like he’s taken a page of his journal, the things he thinks about every time he watches the Grammys and sees a lackluster performance, or hears a very “meh-at-best” song on the radio and thinks, “Why is that not me? I would have killed that,” and he sings it to us.

The good part, though, is that LeeLonn pulls himself out of his own slump, and instead of hating or slipping into depression, he decides to take it up a couple notches. According to LeeLonn, “The song is about becoming aware of what’s holding you and doing something about it.” His thinking is (as he alludes to at the end of the track), whatever is holding you back is not the end of the world, and it’s time to pull yourself up and get to work.

The track comes in perfect time after the devastation Houston and the rest of the world have been experiencing socially, economically, and in light of the natural disasters occurring all over the world. Creatives have a special place in society. We take people out of their slumps and pull them back up to a place where everything you can imagine is real, for however long you need it to be. Creatives are people, too, though, and are often affected much more deeply than the average individual because they are so in tune with their emotions. However, the gift we were given is not one to be taken lightly, and as LeeLonn says we are able to do in the song, we possess the ability to  “go to Mars, and skip this blue and green Earth thing,” meaning we can find it within ourselves to transcend the natural with our gifts. In times like this, it’s our calling and our duty as those who are uncommonly creative to begin to dream again, if not for ourselves, for those around us.

For a song with so many astronomical allusions, it’s about as down to Earth as it can get.