dvsn mood

dvsn use their love for Sept 5th to drop a new single, “Mood.”

Upon first listen, “Mood” from dvsn sounds similar to a Maxwell single. The kind of Maxwell single that makes you drop your cool, come close with a partner and slow dance into the night. The Toronto based duo decided to drop “Mood” on a very specific date, Sept 5th, the same date as their 2016 debut album.

Following May’s “Think About Me” and June’s “Don’t Choose,” “Mood” arrives as something different from the dvsn duo of Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85. Tender and sensual, “Mood” speaks to putting a relationship ahead of everything else. Reassuring in all facets, Daley sings, “You just want to know it’s alright / For you to not take it alone / For me not to take care of you / ‘Cause you been taking it all in stride.”

You can hear “Mood” from the “Too Close” duo below. It’s unclear when their sophomore effort will drop but it no doubt will try to capitalize on what Toronto R&B has already done in 2017.