doughbeezy fuck harvey

Doughbeezy looks back at the last week and a half in Houston with a middle finger — “F*ck Harvey.”

Last week was rough for the city of Houston. Historic flooding, people losing material possessions and more, it was tragic. Luckily, citizens stepped up and helped out however they could. Clothing donations, boat rescues, massive shipments of bottled water to Port Arthur and Beaumont and more. Unity in the face of adversity is what Houston is about. And tossing the occasional fuck you when necessary.

Doughbeezy, who has a track or two with a double bird in mind, released “Fuck Harvey” in the wee hours of the morning today and it plays like an audio recap of the storm. PugTunes wove together news clips of the storm, from an angry woman on CNN pissed off about national news capitalizing on black pain to local reporters saving the day. Meanwhile, Doughbeezy starts his two verses off with a little humor before re-addressing the dire situation of the storm.

“After Hurricane Harvey destroyed my beautiful city Houston, TX, I decided to go straight to the studio and address everything we as a city went through,” Dough said about “Fuck Harvey.” “From neighborhoods & cars flooding to the controversy with Joel Osteen!”

Could Dough laugh about food dwindling from nachos down to empty plates? Yeah, but he also alerts the world to the fact that gas shortages and no food drove people to robbing people to survive. “To the people giving money to the Red Cross / I hope you know they ain’t dropping no bread off,” he raps. PugTunes contorts Ann Peebles’ “The Rain” into a stuttering mess of a beat, hypnotic and a proper reminder that Harvey basically sat on the city.

A 500-year flood indeed. Hear “Fuck Harvey” below.

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