maxo kream 5200

Maxo Kream counts it up his way on his latest single, “5200.”

Unlike his prolific 2016, Maxo Kream has been relatively quiet in 2017. The Alief rapper sprung into action earlier this year with the cinematic narrative “Grannies”. Unlike a prime storytelling moment where Maxo looks at his Uncle Bobo shooting a girlfriend in the butt for stealing from him, “5200” is more first person and drops off right back into that world of Maxo Kream where he doesn’t give a shit, he just wants to win.

“5200” once more flexes Maxo’s agility in regards to flow, probably his core strength aside from vivid, hard hitting storytelling. With a paper chase clear and direct on his mind, the Kream Clicc leader discusses his ascent and subsequent race to the cash with dead-eyed honesty and an unflinching demeanor. The safest description of it? Hard. Stream “5200” by Maxo below.

Photo: 713 Magazine