How do we begin healing after Harvey? Joining together. Meet #HoustonCreativesCare

Hurricane Harvey is not exactly over for the city of Houston. The storm may have passed but the clean up and relief efforts are going to continue for quite sometime. This site, a haven for most things Houston music and beyond has been dark for a day to help assess what we can do. That begins with sharing donation locations and more. We’ve partnered with other Houston Creatives such as HustleGrade, the Born Identity Project, Yellow Bandit Media, All Real Radio, the Waxaholics and others to form #HoustonCreativesCare.

Later today or tomorrow, we will begin sharing locations where people can donate clothing, undergarments, socks, baby formula and food, diapers, baby wipes, senior bladder pads, sanitary napkins, toiletry and hygiene items and cleaning supplies.

Follow along with us on Twitter: @dayandadream. To join us, email Kels of HustleGrade at kels@hustlegrade.com and Monica of Born Identity Project at bornidentityproject@gmail.com. Once things are up and running, we’ll post an official list of donation locations in Houston.

Also, if you want to donate specifically to Houston based organizations as opposed to the Red Cross, see the list of organizations below. You can also donate to JJ Watt’s YouCaring effort which has raised over $8.5 million since Sunday.