t.y.e 32 lifestyle

T.Y.E continues his march towards owning Dallas’ best rap tape with “32 Lifestyle.”

“Ferocious gothic stress-rap.” That’s how Tom Breihan characterized T.Y.E.’s “32 Lifestyle” upon initial viewing. The latest clip from Tyler Harris’ breakthrough 32 album rattles and hums with Harris proudly sticking his chest upward and with zero hesitation riffing on sex, friends serving football number bids and more.

There’s a “24 Hours To Live” aspect buried within the second verse. Of course T.Y.E uses “32 Lifestyle” to detail the worst, more self-indulgent line of thinking in regards to sexual favors. He also manages to tie together a number of thoughts and actions beyond the realm of cause and effect as well. Point is, “32 Lifestyle” assumes from the jump that there is a boundary to cross. No word is off limits, no subject taboo because all T.Y.E and his crew want to do is survive. In the midst of figuring all that out, there’s a young twenty-something who emits all things Dallas telling you what it is.

Dance Dailey’s decision to keep “32 Lifestyle” a simple shot video words too. All types of Dallas iconography pops up in various splashes. Big T, Rudy’s Chicken and more. It’s a sun-drenched D-Town video, befitting of the city’s newest star. Watch the video below.

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