daniel caesar freudian chop theory

Daniel Caesar’s beautiful debut album gets the Houston treatment from DJ Auditory.

Houston is enduring one of the more unimaginable storms in human history. DJ Auditory’s been vocal about not chopping up anything new to give himself a break but Daniel Caesar’s Freudian couldn’t be ignored. Being trapped in a storm helped Tory’s creativity and in turn, led to one of the year’s more lush efforts on the male side of R&B get bathed in chop theory.

“This is by far one of the most beautiful and heartfelt albums I’ve heard in a minute. It is rare that we get to experience the high emotions of a man in love in music in our era,” Tory said on his official website.”

He continued:

I remember saying that I couldn’t wait for a male artist to be emotionally available on wax and we finally got it with Daniel Caesar. The album is a good old fashioned love album with songs that would make you wish you were deeply in love with someone if you aren’t already.

Paranoia within Houston is real. Sleepless days, wondering about your friends and family’s well-being. It’s maddening. The feeling of helplessness may be the most crippling aspect of it all. Sometimes, we need brief moments of relief. And albums such as this, with all the love packed in? Needed.

Hear Freudian chopped and screwed by DJ Auditory here.