delorean hurricane harvey

The Mo City rapper discusses his first hand experience with the massive storm.

The night before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, I was in a studio with Delorean discussing his Small Goals project, inspirations and previewing new music. We reassured one another that the storm wasn’t going to come until Friday, August 25th. Days later, Delorean is making sure that not only his family is alright, but others don’t take this historic storm for a joke.

“This has to be one of the worst hurricanes in Houston I’ve witnessed in my life,” DeLorean said. “Cars are completely covered in water. Homes are filled with water to their sinks.”

Tornados from the storm touched down in Sienna Plantation, a suburban community outside in Missouri City as well as a well-known strip along the main artery of Missouri City, FM 2234. Areas have been placed under voluntary and mandatory evacuation notices in Sugar Land and surrounding areas, stretches of space that affect Delorean both directly and indirectly.

“My dad was forced to evacuate his home this morning and they want us out by tomorrow night, but I’m not liking how the streets are looking. I’ll rather be up stairs than in the streets. We still have lights and food, thank God,” he said. Like others, Delo has been forced to use social media in order to keep people updated on his family’s status as well as sharing information for those in need.

The worst of the storm may have come over the weekend but according to the National Weather Service, rain is set to persist throughout the week. “They’re opening up reservoirs and dams which will cause 5 feet or more standing water. I don’t quite understand this but I just hope everyone is taking this serious.”