fat tony macgregor park

Fat Tony pays homage to his favorite Third Ward hangout on his latest album.

Fat Tony understands Third Ward, Houston. The rapper carved out a legacy as being as a pseudo-outlier to Houston’s street aesthetic. Crafting bouncy, laid back songs that managed to sizzle and pop, Tony could exude confidence of being a Nigerian-American rapper who was enamored with his city and not a symptom of it. Tony’s aesthetic of being an everyman endeared him to local rap critics as well as national ones. Smart Ass Black Boy, his 2013 album carried with slick wordplay and the kind of day-to-day rap life that made Tony not only approachable, but lovable. Only Tony would dare name a full tape after a book reading program in the city (2010’s RABDARGAB.) It’s also a Tony thing to take simple, slightly twisted take on chest thump bravado rap and have it appeal to everybody.

MacGregor Park arrives almost two years after “MacGregor Park” served as an ode to the Third Ward haunt. The title track takes a backseat to the rest of the album though. In eight tracks, Tony’s flow and wordplay gets sharper as time progresses. There’s a nimbleness to it, especially on tracks such as “Ride Home” and “Drive-Thru,” his ode to Whataburger. In less than 30 minutes, Tony clears his entire schedule out and let’s you into his view of Texas. The Houston many people know and love.

“In 2014, I read the book ‘Hip Hop in Houston: The Origin and the Legacy’ by Maco L. Faniel and learned the very first rap single ever released in Houston was named ‘MacGregor Park,’” Tony said about the LP. “That’s when I knew what to call this album.”

Stream MacGregor Park below and purchase it here.