For his latest ‘Soul Mates’ endeavor, producer Amerigo Gazaway brings together the sounds of Stevie Wonder & Common for ‘A Common Wonder.’

When Amerigo Gazaway first announced ‘A Common Wonder,’ his latest entry into his “Soul Mates Project” mixtape series, one couldn’t help but to get hype. Gazaway’s track record speaks for itself: the Cali-based producer has blended Fela Kuti and De La Soul, as well as BB King and UGK, with ease. How does he do it? By going beyond the typical “mashup” style and layering rhymes, interview clips, and instrumentals into a perfect blend that sounds like something the artists legitimately made themselves.

But now, Gazaway was taking on Common and Stevie Wonder: two artists with decades deep respective catalogs. Quite possibly, it was his most ambitious Soul Mates undertaking to date. Nonetheless, Amerigo rose to the challenge; and earlier this week, ‘A Common Wonder’ was released to the general public.

Clocking in at sixteen tracks deep, Amerigo Gazaway chose most of the more popular tracks from Stevie and Lonnie Lynn for ‘A Common Wonder.’ And even for the ones you might not recognize, you can always Google them to compare the originals to the re-imagined tracks.

Straight out of the gate, Gazaway picks apart and reassembles “Made to Love Her” and “I Used to Love H.E.R.” into “I Was Made to Love H.E.R.,” adding some funk to Lonnie Lynn’s raps and Stevie’s voice floating seamlessly over the percussion. On “Bad Girl,” Gazaway slides Stevie perfectly between Common and a classic Kanye verse to create something that should’ve been on the soundtrack to a Blaxploitation-era flick. “For Once in My Life” marries Wonder’s track of the same name, with the Common and Erykah Badu collab “Love Of My Life (An Ode to Hip Hop),” for a two-step worthy ditty. And on one of the mixtape’s clear standout cuts, Gazaway combines “The Light” with “Signed Sealed Delivered (I’m Yours)” on “The Light (I’m Yours),” a butter-smooth funk-soul record with a subtle Bobby Caldwell appearance.

At the same time, ‘A Common Wonder’ goes beyond being just a usual mashup tape because of the interview clips Gazaway inserts on certain tracks. It’s an extremely clever touch that makes it feel as though the DJ was there in the studio recording Common’s conversations, for example, between takes for tracks. Whether you’re a listener seeking nostalgic sounds or someone curious to hear rap and soul come together, ‘A Common Wonder’ has something for both audiences.

Stream and download Amerigo Gazaway’s ‘A Common Wonder’ mixtape for yourself down below.