Miguel debuts his latest solo single, “Sky Walker,” featuring Travis Scott, with a new music video.

For months now, Miguel has used Instagram to tease his fans with covers. That’s not to say the covers weren’t solid in their own right. But as far as new music from the singer-songwriter himself? Not much more than a peep musically in 2017.

All that changed on Thursday.

Miguel took to Twitter that morning to unveil plans for his latest single, “Sky Walker,” featuring Houston’s own Travis Scott. And on Thursday night, “Sky Walker” was shared with the world with a set of visuals to go along with it. The singer’s fans might recognize the song as one he teased on Instagram Wednesday night.

Director X is behind the lens for the “Sky Walker,” which opens boldly with the singer in a beret and dressed like a matador as he commands a bullish red car to come at him. But that’s as serious as things get. Because from then on, Miguel becomes the life of the party, surrounded by women whether he’s on the beach, hosting a house party, or throwing back shots in the club. Miguel insists on the track that listeners should “celebrate every day, like it’s your birthday,” and he lives up to that.

The “Sky Walker,” it turns out, is a rhythmic jog in place that Miguel and Travis Scott bring to life, and that dance might catch on this fall. Travis Scott, of course, relishes the opportunity to brag about his fancy jewelry and his wild lifestyle. Travis bucks authority at every turn, right down to standing on top of a police car with Miguel posted on the hood before him. Miguel’s single sadly arrives too late to have the summer run it deserves – yet just in time to get all of the burn at the fall and winter functions.

Watch Miguel’s “Sky Walker” visuals, featuring Travis Scott, for yourself up top. If you like what you hear, you can grab “Sky Walker” now off iTunes.