If you’re stuck in for the night – or the entire weekend – in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, you can’t go wrong having Jay-Von’s “Hurricane Harvey” playlist on deck.

It’s late August heading into early September, which means hurricane season in the South is officially in full swing. Those in Houston are too familiar with the occasional “inclement weather” warning (and subsequent school closings) around this time of year. Sometimes it’s forreal and the streets are flooded. Other times, you end up with seven cases of water you didn’t need just because you let the local news scare you.

What we DO know about Hurricane Harvey, however, is that it’s setting up shop in the Gulf of Mexico and will hit land at Category 3 strength by tomorrow. And lots of showers will pour over most of the Great State’s major cities, including Houston. If you had weekend plans – and you probably did – Harvey has pulled up as Hurricane Cock-Block.

Thankfully, there are ways to take back your weekend from Harvey if you’re staying in. The most obvious way to do so? Invite your Cuffing Season prospect over to kick it for dinner, play some good music, and go from there. And Jay-Von may have you covered with the music part.

The Mo. City-hailing Picture My Vision emcee took advantage of the moment and put together a “Hurricane Harvey” playlist, designed for nothing other than cuddling up to. The playlist doesn’t use the weather references it could use, “Summer Rain” and “Can You Stand the Rain” being obvious examples. But who needs those when you’re trying to set a mood? ESPECIALLY when Jamie Foxx’s “Storm (Forecass)” holds down the weather-themed contingent damn near on its own?

Von’s playlist strings together over two hours’ worth of quality slow jams, both classic (Ideal, Joe, R. Kelly) and contemporary (Tank, Miguel, John Legend). Of course, Von couldn’t resist including hometeam artists: Beyonce appears thrice (“Speechless,” “Rocket” and “Until the End of Time (Remix)”), and H-Town’s “Part Time Lover”  is in the tracklist, too.

But a good slow jam playlist thrives based on how well it’s assembled. For example, Jay-Von backdoors The-Dream’s “Falsetto” with Marsha Ambrosius’s sultry “Late Nights & Early Mornings” title cut in a strong one-two punch. Having Ginuwine’s “So Anxious” roll into Usher’s “Seduction” works even better than you’d expect. Straight to the point cuts “That Pussy is Mine” by Miguel and “On Top of Me” by Tyrese pop up as free game. Oh, and Vonzilla put Floetry’s “Say Yes” and D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” right next to each other on the playlist, too. That makes for the kind of dime that James Harden would be proud of.

Go ahead: call up your boo – or your go-to work – and invite them over for a listen to Jay-Von’s “Hurricane Harvey” playlist here by way of Apple Music. Just, you know, be wary of flooding.