The self-anointed Punchline King of Houston gives her “Some Metro Boomin Type Beat” freestyle an accompanying music video.

There doesn’t appear to be a single instrumental that KenTheMan can’t float like a butterfly and sting like a bee over. It’s all in her flow, of course – in the Houston rapper’s ability to adjust her tempo, to drop line after line without skipping a beat or taking a breath.

A month ago, KenTheMan took to Soundcloud to share a new freestyle, “Some Metro Boomin Type Beat.” It wasn’t a single so much as a practice round. And on Tuesday, KenTheMan gave her light-work loosie an official set of visuals.

You would think after her “Deserve” video (and its ensuing viral social media campaign), men would be wary of KenTheMan flipping the script. Alas, not quite.

With Tru Films behind the lens, the “Some Metro Boomin Type Beat” video turns a potential hookup into a heist in the blink of an eye. An unsuspecting guy pulls up in a Benz with money in hand, expecting to find some work and finding Ken instead. And she’s no streetwalker. She’s not working the corner with her homegirls – she’s running the corner.

Ken’s pretty girl gang wears black while the rapper herself stands out like a lovely devil in red. Though Ken does get her Aaliyah on for a second, in a bandana, shades, and shorts on and plaid shirt wrapped around her waist (“country thick, on her hill’ bill,” Ken calls it).

But you didn’t come for KenTheMan’s looks, you’re here for the bars, right? You’re here for Ken demanding her credit in the city. You’re here for Ken listing the ways she can be savage in the bedroom. You’re here for Ken’s assurance that, though some call her the best yet, “[she] ain’t even dropped her best yet!

Or you DID come for the looks, but stayed for the bars with no hook. It’s okay. If I saw KenTheMan in a red freekum outfit and matching heels looking like that, I’d probably fall for the setup easily, too.

Watch KenTheMan’s “Some Metro Boomin Type Beat” visual for yourself up top.