On his eponymous album – his third release in the last nine months – Houston emcee BreakItDownDC doesn’t just bring the hype: he IS the hype.

Some artists are perfectly content with dropping one project a year and calling it a day.

BreakItDownDC, isn’t one of those artists.

Last December, the Houston spitter released ‘Mucho Flame Emoji,’ aptly titled after his independent brand. He followed that project with ‘Panoramic Pink’ in April, which spawned arguably DC’s biggest single to date, “Timeline Shawty.” Now, August has rolled around and, with it, another LP, this one named after the emcee himself.

On the week ‘Break It Down DC’ the album released, the artist appeared on HustleGrade co-founder Kelsey McDaniel’s weekly “The Tuesday Special” radio show and said, “I accidentally intentionally started dropping quarterly. And I stuck with that.” Should December hit and DC releases another album, he’ll have brought his quarter-cycle full circle.

But that’s four months from now. That gives fans and listeners just enough time to adequately digest BreakItDownDC’s eponymous LP.

BreakItDownDC thrives on a high level of energy. A casual listen to any of the artist’s songs will make that apparent. (see ‘BreakItDownDC’s’ lead single, “Engine”). But the album as a whole is filled with still more examples, as well.

Eleven tracks deep and produced entirely by Jb3ats and Clayton “Clay Clay” Rivera, ‘Break It Down DC’ starts on a level 10 and doesn’t dip much further than an 8 on the energy scale from start to finish, even on its slower fare. Intro track “Hey!!! (Nascar Intro)” is literally DC preparing listeners for the project to come, the artist chanting the titular words like a hypeman and urging the DJ to play his music because it gets the women moving. On the strip club-ready “Like Ray J,” DC rides Clay Clay’s snares and slightly sinister keys, inducting himself into The Money Team and insisting that he’s “trying to do it for the love” like the titular reality TV star. And album standout “Girlfriend” is too irresistible not to love… but too short to enjoy without repeating at least a time or five. And DC summons Aafterparty for the album’s final track, “Hatin’ On Me,” a catchy yet cocky call out of haters, critics, and snitches (“All that bullshit you doin’ is super fake, homie,” DC snarls on the track. “Don’t make me go around your work and put that laser on ya!”)

That said, the lowtempo tracks on ‘Break It Down DC’ show that hype isn’t the rapper’s only weapon. “Okay Okay Okay Okay” is smooth enough to drive around with the windows down to. Rightfully so, as DC himself did choose that song to “take a trip to Dallas.” “Pick & Choose (Oops)” – likely DC’s next single in the making, unless “Girlfriends” gets an extended version – slows things down just enough to be a nice breather for listeners between “Hey!!!” and “Like Ray J.” And on “Maple Leaf,” BreakItDownDC channels his inner B.B. King, adding a bluesy twang to his voice over funky drums and keys as he calls out poor smoking company and proposes a rolled-up recipe of sorts.

And party animal that he may usually be, BreakItDownDC can be a romantic when he wants to (DC’s most faithful fans may already know this from “Put It Down” off ‘Mucho Flame Emoji’). On “When I Get Off (Work),” DC assures his girl that once he returns home from work, she’ll get his full attention whether they’re relaxing or a little more than that. The emcee even cleverly tucks a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it R. Kelly reference into the track.

Putting your name on something means that you own it – that you stand by the quality of it and that you’re proud to present it to others. Of the last three albums that BreakItDownDC has put out, this recent one is the shortest of them all, both in track count and runlength. But consider that it only takes ‘Break It Down DC’ thirty-six minutes to get you high, hype, and ready for anything that comes at you. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that BreakItDownDC is only just getting started.

BreakItDownDC’s ‘Break It Down DC’ album is out now on iTunes.