It gets wavy on “4 AM in Dallas,” the latest collab from Scorcese Shellz and producer Alpha Davis, featuring Triple D singer Lakei Day.

“Please ride, float, and most of all – vibe.”

These are the instructions that come with “4 AM in Dallas,” the latest single from Scorcese Shellz and Alpha Davis that features Lakei Day. It’s the latest leak from the Philly rapper-Dallas producer combo’s upcoming ‘A World Only Gods Know’ album (a project the two first teased with last summer’s “On to the Next One”).

Alpha Davis joins forces with Chris Wright, his partner-in-crime in the production outfit The Directors, on “4 AM in Dallas’s” beat. The two set a very laid-back, chill vibe over the song that’s orchestral at some points and jazzy (see, the horns that take over at 3:54) in others.

Scorcese Shellz is far from a new name here. Dreamlifers have heard him pay tribute to Chad Butler, marry his rap talent with his love of wrestling, and most notably, struggle with his moral compass on the Zip$quad collective’s ‘Black SuperHero Music’ LP.

But “4 AM in Dallas” is a departure from Shellz’s usual gritty flow. Granted, the clever bars still make their mark. It just feels much smoother, even when Scorcese is bragging about dropping off “deposits in large amounts” at the bank. Perhaps some of that credit should go to Lakei Day for mellowing out the emcee. Okay, maybe a softer Shellz isn’t ENTIRELY Lakei’s fault. But the Dallas songbird absolutely provides a light and soulful presence to the track. The Directors even tailor the instrumental itself to slow down during the hook, for Day’s vocals to sparkle at their brightest.

The “outer space” like intro and outro of “4 AM in Dallas” suggest that the track might find itself at a midpoint in ‘A World Only Gods Know’s’ tracklist. Where it falls exactly, we’ll have to wait until the LP’s release to see. For now, hitch a ride on a cloud and take a listen to “4 AM” down below.

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  1. JihaD


    Man, this is amazing! Thank you so much for the write-up and I’m glad you dig the record!

    And you are correct – its track 7 on a 14 track album!



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