Rapper Jax Yohana doubled, er, TRIPLED down on his earlier summer release with “MDD” and “45th Nightmare” featuring Julian Caesar and Christian Lace.

Reminiscent of the excitement we get over the surprise of a bonus track/interlude on our favorite rapper’s CD, Jax Yohana has released two songs in one on his latest SoundCloud upload, “MDD/45th Nightmare.”

The first song, “MDD,” stands for “Million Dollar Dream” and begins with Jax talking about what he’s working toward: the success of a rap career. This is juxtaposed against the imagery of a woman also working for success, but through a much different means. Julian Caesar, another local rapper, comes through for the second verse, explaining the come-up process he’s experiencing, from trapping at home to “trapping” in the studio, and mentioning the “trapping” black people are doing to maintain some modicum of dignified success in the current sociopolitical climate. Bringing up the rear of the track is Christian Lace, whose approach to the dream almost a prayer and a pep talk at the same time, hoping for the success of those who are hustling, and also reminding them they have to do their part, as well.

Immediately after Lace’s verse, the beat switches up á la producer DJ IV to “45th Nightmare,” which has a pretty self-explanatory title. The dream the rappers have is backed up against the nightmare of a situation we are up against as Americans. Introducing himself as “black history in the making,” Jax Yohana takes this whole track to describe his feelings – which are shared sentiments – about what is happening in our country as opposed to what he is doing to continue to strive for success. He says, “F*** Washington and Benjamin unless I’m really spending them,” as a commentary on all he feels the images of those historical figures are good for, and that they can be immortalized on his money but statues in reverence of them are neither desired or necessary.

If you haven’t been listening to Jax Yohana and the work he, DJ IV, and Killem Collective are putting in, now is the time to start. It’s getting good, y’all!