Yung Knight drops a seven-track sequel to his 3 Strikes EP from May.

Back in May, on the cusp of the summer, Yung Knight shared ‘3 Strikes,’ a short EP project that felt something like practice. The rapper-producer out of Houston spent the months that followed tinkering in the shadows. Now, with the end of summer fast approaching, the “Jugg” ambassador has released a sequel to ‘3 Strikes,’ aptly titled ‘3 Strikes II.’

There’s a reason Ken Griffey, Jr. is on the cover of ‘3 Strikes II.’ It’s likely because Knight is hitting home runs throughout the project’s 18-minute runtime. But he’s also switched things up a bit. The original ‘3 Strikes’ was three tracks deep and entirely self-produced. ‘3 Strikes II?’ Four songs longer. It also features production from 318Tae, ElevatedPride, and CashMoneyAP (Yung Knight does, however, produce the cleverly haunting instrumental on “Spooky Act 1”).

Songs like “Put Her Down” – on which Yung Knight admits to being sprung on a “troublesome” girl from out of town (who tastes like apple pie, at that) – and “Slight Jugg” will remind listeners that the rapper-producer can go off when he wants to.

But Yung Knight’s appeal has always come from the fact that he’s not afraid to be personal in the music. That personal nature persists from start to finish on ‘3 Strikes II.’ On “Ride the Vibe,” a potential single in the making, Knight assures listeners, “If I put in a song, then you better believe it!” Meanwhile, “I Feel You” is full of spite, Knight crowing the title words on the hook as an acknowledgment and bitterly recounting a romantic betrayal. Ironically, he closes ‘3 Strikes II’ by slowing things down and turning his inner Barry White up on the outro cut, “Let’s Be Grown.”

Take a listen to Yung Knight’s ‘3 Strikes II’ EP in full for yourself down below.