goldlink meditation

GoldLink’s fun night abruptly ends. Jazmine Sullivan sizzles and more in the “Meditation”
clip from At What Cost.

GoldLink already has secured partial song of the summer status with “Crew,” his relaxed party send up with Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiyaz. Instead of pivoting away from the fun, the D.C. attacks it head on. “Meditation,” the fun little juke number from At What Cost now gets an official video with a cameo from Jazmine Sullivan herself.

With GoldLink and his boys all hitting the club for a night of fun, our hero’s eyes happen to catch a particular woman. Smitten, he runs through all the pre-game rules: fresh breath, fresh outfit and all the game in the world. Only problem is, Link’s lady for the evening is already spoken for. The various camera cuts and looks given throughout “Meditation” are pretty spectacular. People are dancing, laughing, having a good time while the story plays out in front of them. True enough, “Meditation” doesn’t end with cooler heads prevailing. Instead, some guys have to fight in order to prove their love.

Watch the “Meditation” video down below. At What Cost is available now.