Houston singer Damaria preps her Love Overdose EP with a new single, “Never Find Another.”

What do you do when you’re fed up with being taken for granted? If you’re Damaria, you put it in a song.

The singer/songwriter has made small waves as an indie artist in Houston, but she’s hoping to make her mark this year with her debut EP, ‘Love Overdose.’ Though ‘Love Overdose’ won’t release for another month, Damaria shared the EP’s lead single, “Never Find Another,” over the weekend.

Stevie B Beatz handles production on “Never Find Another,” employing a smooth, low-tempo instrumental with a steady tapping snare that damn near doubles as a clock counting down the time Damaria’s lover has to make things right. The singer’s hurt bleeds through the four-minute slow burner, but her fierce insistence that her heart isn’t to be trifled with stands out, too. “You got me confused, thinkin’ I’m just any-one,” the singer croons on the hook. Jay-Z warned listeners on “Family Feud” that some men can fuck up a good thing if you let them. “Never Find Another,” is what happens when those screw ups, become too many for one woman to bear.

Stream Damaria’s “Never Find Another” single for yourself down below. As a bonus, you can also peep the teaser from “Never Find Another’s” upcoming music video down below, as well. Damaria’s ‘Love Overdose’ EP is coming in September.

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