Lou CharLe$’s “On My Way” video reminds viewers to keep moving, even when the final destination isn’t clear.

Two months ago, Lou CharLe$ dropped ‘In Transit 2,’ the album-length sequel to his 2015 EP of the same name. The Texas-born and Dallas-based emcee joined forces with producer J. Rhodes for a thirteen-track journey about faith, endurance, and ultimately positively progressing in an otherwise crazy world.

But it was ‘In Transit 2’s’ intro cut, the soulful “On My Way,” that laid the foundation for that musical journey. Over lush piano keys and percussion from J. Rhodes, Lou CharLe$ sang and rhymed about a millennial dilemma: feeling like you have to catch up to something, and losing people you don’t want to lose while chasing success. It’s an amazing track – so amazing, in fact, that Lou CharLe$ opted to give it a set of visuals to match. The rapper released the video earlier this week.

Rick DiMichele handles direction for the “On My Way” video, giving life to the song’s uncertain yet hopeful feeling. In one shot, DiMichele depicts Lou Charle$ seated on the New York subway, focused with music in his ears. In the next, the rapper wanders the sidewalks of the busy city, taking in his surroundings as people pass him by.

I’m sittin’ here, tryna determine where I’m headed/ This life is one I love, but it’s nothin’ that I expected,” CharLe$ raps at one point, looking up from his watch to gaze at a mostly empty subway platform. The visuals make the track’s message clear: it doesn’t matter if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, just so long as you KEEP going.

Watch Lou Charle$’s “On My Way” music video for yourself up top. “On My Way” appears on the rapper’s ‘In Transit 2’ project, available now on iTunes.

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