Gucci Mane grabs the Migos for “I Get The Bag,” the new single from his upcoming ‘Mr. Davis’ LP.

How does one just keep on winning? That’s the question that should be asked of Gucci Mane. His 2017 couldn’t get any better than it already is. He dropped another solid album in ‘DROPTOPWOP.’ His aim on features has been incredibly precise, whether it’s on projects from the likes of The Migos and DJ Khaled, or on consecutive singles with Chris Brown. He’s also marrying the love of his life, Keyshia Kaoir, later this year.

Actually, it could get a little better. Radric Davis could drop another album. He could stick another single with the Migos. And his upcoming autobiography could become a New York Times bestseller. Fans of Guwop will have to wait a little while to find out if that last prediction will come true. But the first two? Consider them in the works.

Gucci has a second LP for 2017, entitled ‘Mr. Davis,’ on the way. And this week, Gucci shared the latest leak from the upcoming LP, “I Get the Bag” featuring The Migos. In much the same way Gucci contributed to ‘C U L T U R E’ and made “Slippery” the late summer smash that it is, the Atlanta trio of emcees is hoping to replicate their success and own a piece of the fall.

From the very minute Gucci belts out the hook’s opening lines (“You get the bag and fumble it – I get the bag and I flip it and tumble it,” a line that’s both disrespectful and bragging), “I Get the Bag” just feels turn up worthy. The track even instrumentally sounds like a distant cousin of “Slippery,” with just a bit more shit talk and grit to it. Every single emcee gets a verse of his own to eat over the track’s four-minute run-length. Expect “I Get the Bag” to make appearances on every Labor Day function setlist and take over the radio much, much faster than “Slippery” did.

Stream Gucci Mane’s “I Get The Bag” single, featuring The Migos, down below. Wop’s ‘Mr. Davis’ LP is due out later this year, and his upcoming The Autobiography of Gucci Mane book releases a month from now, on September 9th.