blue the misfit

Perfect Night, For A Funeral comes three years after Child In The Wild.

Blue The Misfit’s debut album arrived three years, three months and eleven days ago. Nearly 1,200 days. In the three years and change since , Blue’s managed to tour half the country as a DJ and routinely create music for his friends and compatriots. All the while, he kept his own material under wraps and for himself.

Blue never painted in colors of light. It always felt dark, rage filled with a chilling smirk. The sterile chimes of “Perfect Night” with XES speak exactly to this. Drenched in thoughts of hedonism and chased away by distorted chants and Street Fighter 2 samples, Blue and XES rekindle the magic the world originally found out when BrainGang ran Dallas. Perfect Night, For A Funeral is the perfect soundtrack to the highs and lows — whether addled by a certain drug or your own natural high.

The 14-track project features Zyah, Sarah Jaffe, Danny Cainco and Devin Canady. Everywhere else is Blue putting his thumbprint for you to recognize. Singing, finding rhythm over drowsy, high-wired fight music, Blue’s comfortable discussing matters in regards to death and reincarnation. In a way, that’s exactly where his life has been. Every step career wise has killed off one side of him and brought out something new. “Slow Singing & Flower Bringing,” the album’s opener is a warbled procession of notes. Sweeping guitars on “Solo Adventures” clamor for isolation with red cups and late night debauchery when needed.

Ultimately, Blue the Misfit’s world has its center. A center that dictates its own path and creativity. Musically, Perfect Night, For A Funeral is one of the more impressive works to come out of Dallas this year. And for Brandon Blue, it’s the calmest reminder that in an hour of chaos, being him is perfect enough. Stream the album below via Apple Music and purchase it on iTunes.