Bebe Rexha’s All Your Fault, Pt. 2 EP is one of the best projects of the summer. If you missed it, it’s time to wake up.

When you think of “Me Myself & I,” one of two things come to mind. The first is likely Beyonce’s song. The second? Bebe Rexha’s shimmering vocals on G-Eazy’s breakout single of the same name. Though the song was G-Eazy’s in name, Rexha felt like more than just a feature. Her voice shined, adding an element of purpose and desperation to a track about looking out for self in spite of everything.

While both Bebe and her label are still testing the waters as to whether the time is right for an album, the singer has opted instead to share pieces of herself in a series of EPs entitled ‘All Your Fault.’ She released ‘All Your Fault, Pt. 1′ back in February; and a week ago, she dropped ‘All Your Fault, Pt. 2.’

The beauty of an extended play, is that you don’t have to do too much – you just have to do enough to get people’s attention. On ‘AYF, Pt. 2,’ Rexha displays her dexterity across genres and her ability to avoid being boxed in. It runs just over 19 minutes in length; and yet each of its six tracks can appeal to different audiences.

There’s “I Got Time,” Rexha’s EDM lullaby on which she oozes self-confidence and promises to enjoy her life while she can. She features rap artists on two of her tracks, but both of those are polar opposites, as well. Intro track “That’s It” features Gucci Mane and 2Chainz, and sounds eerily reminiscent of the latter’s “4 AM” single, albeit at a more frantic, trap music-esque pace. On “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody),” however, Rexha and Lil’ Wayne join forces to create a more upbeat, dance club ready number. Its title calls to mind Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and Bebe likely intended that connection to be made, as the track has a sort of ’80s throwback feel to it, in the vein of Footloose. Rexha’s voice shines brightest on the hook, the singer insisting on just wanting company for a song or too. And Wayne doesn’t rap, instead summoning his nasally vocals and taking his own shot as a crossover hit, demanding of listeners, “Muthafuckers, dance with somebody!”

On “The One,” Bebe summons a half-island, half-Latin groove as she describes being under the influence but clearly attracted to someone in the venue. “You cannot know, there’s no place I’d rather be,” Rexha teases on the song. The dance feel rolls right over to “Comfortable,” which features Jamaican dancehall artist Kranium. It’s on “Comfortable” that Rexha’s at her most cocky – and, perhaps, her most sexy – throughout the entire project, calling out her lover for slacking on their relationship. “And I don’t remember the last time I got off on ya/ ‘Cause you get off on me, but I get off alone,” Rexha confesses on the catchy cut.

But the most surprising collaboration on ‘All Your Fault, Pt.2,’ it turns out, has become the EP’s fastest rising star. For the EP’s outro song, Rexha connects with alt-country group Florida Georgia Line on “Meant to Be,” a country-pop love story that’s irresistible. Pop and country collaborations have happened many times before, but “Meant to Be” seems to get it right in a way that hasn’t been done in a good while. In a single weekend alone, “Meant to Be” shot up the iTunes Top 20, surprising even Rexha herself. It’s not a stretch to imagine Bebe being invited to perform the track with Florida Georgia Line live at next year’s Country Music Awards.

On “I Got Time,” Bebe Rexha insists that she “came from nothing, [and] turned that into something.” And without question, ‘All Your Fault, Pt. 2’ is certainly something. Whether it’s “Meant to Be’s” certain ascent on the pop or country charts (or both); or the “The Way I Are’s” likely rise on the Top 40 in the weeks to come, ‘Pt. 2’ IS going to be Rexha’s defining project – the hit before the big hit.

Stream Bebe Rexha’s ‘All Your Fault, Pt. 2’ EP for yourself down below. The project is out now on iTunes.