delorean doors wide open

Delorean’s latest Small Goals track features Paul Wall and Killa Kyleon.

From the opening drum, “Doors Wide Open” travels back into a far simpler time of music. Syrupy, slow and percolated, DeLorean professes his status as an “80’s baby” before getting straight to the proceedings for the evening. Sipping and riding, Delorean’s made his “vision vivid” while Paul Wall and Kyleon are still flipping off haters with their daily movements. “Salute to anybody banging Screw,” Wall says, pushing his name together in the same way a lot of old Swishahouse fans did in the early 2000s. Kyleon phrases it best. The three of them probably could have the whole world geekin as if Popeyes ran out of chicken on $2 Tuesdays.

Hear “Doors Wide Open” from DeLorean, Paul Wall and Killa Kyleon below. The latest Small Goals track follows last week’s “Apollo Creed.”