anti-lilly it's nice outside

Anti-Lilly and Phoniks return after a hiatus to tell you, “It’s Nice Outside.”

Despite the current Houston heatwave, Anti-Lilly is prepared for it. He’s shone down his familiar coif of hair; an afro that remained trapped in shape and static. For starters, it’s been nearly three years since he and Devante, the former Envy Hunter dropped REdefinition and two years since he and Phoniks linked for “Brick Buildings.” In other words, we’re long overdue for an Anti-Lilly and Phoniks project.

Luckily, It’s Nice Outside from the duo arrives on Monday and the first video, the title track arrives today. Catch & Shoot captures our now short-haired hero traveling all throughout Houston. Lilly’s steps take him from the Sam Houston statue near the medical center to the bridges overlooking 59 and more. All the while, our main man is in search of peace. And when the sun is literally caked on you for hours on end, saying it’s nice is literally the biggest compliment you can pay.

Watch Phonks and A Lilly’s latest video below.

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