bun b

Bun B had time to confront a racist protester who flipped him the bird.

Bun B has not been here for bullshit. Not in 1992 or 2002. Not in 2005 when he went full scorched Earth in the name of Free Pimp C or in 2007 when he went up against a XXL blogger for simply disrespecting Pimp and UGK’s legacy.

Recall last year when Bun went to the Republican National Convention to do some reporting on behalf of Vice Media (holy shit that feels like forever ago). Bun of course decided to grit and bear the entire convention which is what he called “the best-looking festival buildout with the worst lineup in history.” So when a protester decided to flip Bun the middle finger, Bun of course wasn’t having it.

Now, even though the video here is a year old, it could be anywhere USA and still be accurate. It could be Bun taking in the days after Charlottesville or any number of protests against the guy who currently is squatting in the White House. But the footage shown here? A display of how wild the last two years have been, how emboldened racists have become to the point where hiding their faces with greasy white sheets isn’t necessary and how they’re quick to back down when challenged. It could have been worse had the Trill Gladiators been around with Bun.

Salute you Trill OG, salute you.

Photo: Sama’an Ashrawi