Bruno Mars a gorgeous Zendaya in the new music video for his ’24K Magic’ single, “Versace on the Floor.”

When Bruno Mars announced his ’24K Magic’ album last fall by way of its title track and accompanying music video, fans and listeners got the impression that the singer-songwriter was going after a nostalgic feel for the LP. But it wasn’t until Mars dropped the album’s third single, “Versace on the Floor,” that we understood just how throwback it was going to be. Paying homage to ’80s R&B, Mars let his vocals show out over a frantic, keys-driven beat, stressing the urgency of the moment to profess his sexual desires.

Earier this week, “Versace on The Floor” became the latest ’24K Magic’ cut to get a set of visuals. Mars premiered the video on YouTube.

Co-starring the lovely actress-model Zendaya, the video starts out with she and Bruno meeting in the hallway, casting a curious glance at one another before entering separate hotel rooms. Bruno steps into a purple piano room that would make Prince smile with pride. Once he starts belting out the opening notes of “Versace on the Floor,” however, Zendaya, all alone in her room, is entranced by the music. She sways and sashays along in her shimmering, diamond-esque dress. And though they’re initially separated by a single wall, it’s not very long until Zendaya heeds Bruno’s words that “Oooh, I love that dress, but you won’t need it anymore” and heads on next door to connect with the crooner.

Watch Bruno Mars’s “Versace on The Floor” music video for yourself up top. “Versace on the Floor” appears on Mars’s ’24K Magic’ LP, out now on iTunes.