the outfit tx fuel city

The Outfit, TX teach you how to survive the Texas heat with their “Big Splash” video.

In Dallas alone, it could be ridiculously hot from sun up to sun down. You need refreshments, you need water and you need … a kiddie pool? Leave it to Mel, JayHawk and Dorian of The Outfit, TX to reshape how you normally treat a Texas summer with their “Big Splash” video. Shot by Dance Dailey, The Outfit trio manage to keep things lively by riding around suburban Dallas in a flatbed and drinking box wine straight up. Pair them up with a kiddie pool and a couple of dancers and you have a simple, yet effective video.

“Big Splash” is the first release from the trio’s upcoming Fuel City album due out August 31st on POW Recordings. Named after the famous let out spot off Riverfront, the 10-track album is completely Dallas centric with tracks such as “Dez Bryant,” and the previously released “Phone Line.” Another interesting note? Fuel City marks the second release from a Dallas rap artist on the label following T.Y.E’s 32 in June. It is also the first Outfit release in possibly forever where outside production persists throughout the project.

Watch the video for “Big Splash” below.