doughbeezy pillow talk

Doughbeezy’s first move after the #HTownRapBattle went viral? Drop new music from King Beezy.

Doughbeezy’s good deed of August was launching the #HTownRapBattle, which was less a battle and more a showcase of various rappers within city limits to spit an 8-bar or 16-bar verse. It sparked up something in Dough, the kind of spread love and pay it forward mission he’s been on forever. Doing the #HTownRapBattle is no different than him staying after his shows to talk to everybody who took time out of their lives to attend.

Before King Beezy, the follow-up to Reggie Bush & Kool-Aid 2 arrives later this year, Dough takes that slick, punchline heavy delivery of his and applies it to the rest of the world at large. Similar to Lil Wayne’s “Gossip,” track of 2008-09, “Pillow Talk” discusses haters and gossipers alike. “Back when I had a Primeco / Boys hated when they seen me with a fine ho,” Dough raps. “The Lord is my witness boy stay outta my business.”

Stream “Pillow Talk” from Doughbeezy below.

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