Troy Montes, one of Houston’s newest photographers, is a fresh face in Houston’s nightlife (and day life) and he’s just getting started.

As of late, it seems like every photo posted of Houston’s night life is tagged with that little camera emoji and the handle, @troyezeq. If you’re like many, you’re asking yourself, “Who the heck is this guy and where did he come from?” Here’s your answer:

The “new kid on the block” is Troy Montes of Dayton, TX. He’s not actually a “new kid,” though – he’s been going out in Houston for quite some time, and just recently has gained notoriety for his photos of Houston performers and popular Houston personalities like Erva Carter, Izzar Thomas, Bobby Earth, and Flyger Woods. You can also find Troy at events like Hustlegrade’s Submission Sundays, instameets, and Samo Dinero’s Give Back to the City Mixer.

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Troy’s photos already take on a particular style, most of them looking as if they could be paintings with vivid colors and an excellent accentuation of shadows.

Just getting off the ground as a photographer, Montes is already highly desired among many just because of the free work he has done to build up his portfolio. Don’t get excited, though, the launch of his site comes with a price, yet still a very reasonable one.

When asked why he was intrigued by photography, he said, “While I really enjoy words, there are some things that I can only show others through photography. One day I realized that the more I appreciate something, the more beautiful it appears to me, since then I wanted to dedicate more time to helping others see the beauty that too often goes unnoticed. My photography reflects how I see things, when editing I try to recreate how I saw it in my head.”

As you know if you’ve read anything I have ever written, I’m down to promote anyone who supports Houston artists, especially if they are contributing to the Houston art scene as well. Something tells me this is just the beginning for Mr. Montes, as his quality of work speaks for itself.

Follow Troy on Instagram (@troyezeq) for some dope photos and on Twitter(@TroyEzeq) for some wokeness and spirituality. Also check out his site at to find his booking info and see some familiar faces.

(Cover photo: Izzar Thomas)