delorean apollo creed

With an assist from Luke Whitney, DeLorean returns to the ring with a few Small Goals in mind.

“I’d rather go out like Apollo Creed,” DeLorean decries for his latest single. Backed by moody piano keys and a sullen guitar melody, Delo offers a few more hood politics and airs some grievances. “All of my doubts were so reasonable, most of my losses were feasible.”

DeLorean’s biggest rap power is making even the simplest things feel like major, eye opening moments. “Apollo Creed” is a metaphor for doing something you love until your last breath. The video displays this in a variety of ways as Delo gets assaulted and tortured but ultimately comes away alive. Scarred? Yes. Pained? Of course. Delo’s entire rap mantra is about laying low, keep firing and don’t quit. For every accolade and moment of adulation, Delo retreats to a comfort zone. There are no lavish purchases, only adventures back into the studio to make daily life advice sound like it came straight off a mountaintop. Earlier this year he delivered maybe his best tape in Take Me Back. He’s preparing a second one titled Small Goals for later this year.

Watch “Apollo Creed” from Delo below.