doeman gemini

Doeman drops a brand new freestyle “Gemini” and puts his heart out there.

“You gotta lose your soul in this fuckin’ game to start winnin’,” Doeman raps on “Gemini,” a three minute freestyle that operates as more of a therapy session. Dodi’s been kicking rhymes like these for a minute, his entire one versus all mantra proudly on display. He’s still at odds with the rap game, faceless enemies on what Pimp C would have described as monkey shit and ultimately lost. Only Mike C, his tour DJ and damn near best friend would be able to perfectly describe the feeling.

As the beat switches mid-way, Doeman doesn’t let up off the gas and continues to challenge himself. What irks him more and more about rap life? Despite the fame and fans, he still carries real-life gripes. His mom is still stressing. His father, the man who pretty much instilled a lion’s approach to life in him and his brothers? Still working. Despite boyish charm and movie star looks, the DYNA Gang leader is perpetually pissed off. He’ll stay that way until he breaks that glass ceiling.

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