Trick Daddy & Trina share “Smooth Sailing,” the first single from their upcoming joint album, TNT.

A Trina and Trick Daddy song? Are we sure it’s 2017 and not 2004?

It seems the two Florida emcees are gearing up to drop a joint project under SlipNSlide Records entitled ‘TNT’ in the near future (Trina also has a solo LP, ‘The One,’ set for September, as well). In addition to sharing news of the impending album, Trick Daddy & Trina also dropped a video for ‘TNT’s’ lead single, “Smooth Sailing.”

In contrast to the usual bombastic Miami sound that Trick and Trina are known for, “Smooth Sailing” is a laid-back island groove. Feature Ali Coyote handles hook and bridge duty, giving the track a very summery feel. Trick Daddy’s opening verse is rugged, supplementing the summer with the street as he calls out the fakes in the game. Trina, on the other hand, talks about catching a guy’s eye in the club and easily ensnaring him in her trap.

Director Damian Fyffe keeps the summer mood of “Smooth Sailing” intact by using bright colors and shots of Florida, Florida City, and the like. Trick cruises the streets in an ivory car and scoops Ali on the way to meet Trina at the boat yard. And Trina damn near hasn’t aged. The self-proclaimed “Baddest” stands out in both of her solo shots, whether she’s on all fours on a boat or adorned in a dress in the jungle.

Watch the video for Trick Daddy and Trina’s “Smooth Sailing” single, featuring Ali Coyote, up top. Trick & Trina’s ‘TNT’ collaboration project is due out sometime this year, though you can grab “Smooth Sailing” now off iTunes.