Puma teams with The Weeknd for their latest move in artist expansion.

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A few months ago, shoe company PUMA sent out a press release stating that they would be working with Canadian singer/songwriter, The Weeknd, on both his own shoe and being the face of the brand’s latest sneaker campaign. The fans of both brands were ecstatic; however, I have to admit that there was something within me that did not think that this collaboration would amount to anything. Thoughts of uncertainty, as to how the shoe would look, even if it would be a new shoe for that matter, crossed my mind before seeing the initial design. Then a leak happened (#shoutout to @BenjaminKickz) :

Not bad for a first effort on a shoe collab. I think what I like about this shoe, first and foremost, is that the shoe is a hi-top. The thing that keeps me coming back to wearing hi-tops is that they can be dressed up with anything! A cool pair of designer jeans, a cool pair of slacks, or a tapered jogger pant can be what really sets off the shoe and, thus, draws the most attention the wearer’s outfit.

Another part about this shoe is the fact that it has excellent, monochrome brand detailing of both the XO moniker of The Weeknd’s vanity label and the shoe’s brand name. I will say that for their collaborations, PUMA does take the initiative to put the artist/brand that they are collaborating with at the forefront.

Finally, what I like most about this shoe is that it has both a cool, functional zipper in the back and a pull tab, produced from the tails of the two “PUMA checks”. Classic form meets function.

Now, while the shoe has many great elements, the only downside to this shoe is that it is completely flat on the sole. While it does appear that the “Parallel” (the model of this shoe) takes a great deal of inspiration from the YEEZY SEASON 4 Suede Crepe Boot (that has a gumsole bottom), the designers should have taken more of the Fear of God Nubuck Military Sneaker, which has more of a rigged tooth sole bottom. I also did not like that the shoes come in only 2 colorways, white and olive green.

I also feel that the price could have been a little cheaper (price is $220 retail), but at the end of the day, the fans will buy the shoe and the hypebeasts will flip the shoes for a quick buck. Overall, I will say that this shoe is a cool looking shoe, so kudos to the design team at PUMA and #salute to The Weeknd for being a part of such a fantastic campaign.

PUMA x The Weeknd “Parallel” drops on August 24th.