Noah Nova gives a Houston remix to GoldLink’s “Crew” cut, f/ Izzar Thomas and Ian Alxnder.

Noah Nova thinks you could use a good posse cut.

Fresh off offering up his contribution to the #HoustonRapBattle that popped off on Instagram, Noah Nova has grabbed Izzar Thomas and Ian Alxnder to remix “Crew,” GoldLink’s popular single with Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy. The track was initially premiered on HustleGrade co-founder Kelsey McDaniel’s “The Tuesday Special” radio show last week.

Ian Alxnder recreates Faiyaz’s hook for the “Crew (Remix),” giving it a little more melody and singing his heart out. But that’s as far as the comparisons to the original go.

Mo. City spitter Noah kicks things off, opting for a blistering delivery and tucking a subtle reference to Big Sean’s “Moves” in his verse. Then Izzar takes the baton, insisting that he’s so good at rap, it’s “easy” for him, though it’s “no surprise you don’t believe [him].” There’s absolutely nothing humble about it. But why be humble when you know you and your team are solid? Exactly.

Stream Noah Nova’s “Crew (Remix),” featuring Izzar Thomas and Ian Alxnder, for yourself down below.